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Hello and welcome!  I'm nervous and super excited at the same time about writing my first ever blog post.  I've been overthinking this whole blog idea (as I do with most things!) and today I just decided there will never be a perfect time to start and I will never feel ready.  So this is it, I'm starting with my imperfect blog TODAY :)


My name is Lindi Jonk.  I live in the beautiful Paarl (the prettiest town in the world according to me!) in sunny South Africa, with my wonderful husband, three gorgeous boys, three cats, and our dog :)  This is my town in the heart of the Boland Winelands.  Don't you think it's beautiful? 


It's an almost impossible task to get them to sit still for a photo and then the split second this miracle does happen, to get them all to smile at the same time is an even more significant achievement :)  Every once in a while it does happen though, like on this photo, where nobody pulled a funny face....!

I guess it only lasted a split second.... :) 

So this is the rest of the family.  I could not get all three cats plus the dog on a photo either.... haha!


Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a stay at home Mommy, so my journey began when I had to start planning birthday parties for my boys. I couldn't wait for the next party!  I started my party planning business in 2012 - planning kids parties from A to Z.


When my youngest was born, handling my thriving business and spending enough time with my family became an impossible task, so I decided to only focus on the part of my business I loved most:  Designing invitations and DIY Printables.  At that point, Little Printables Shop was born, and I opened my shop on Etsy in September 2016, and it's still going strong!  This website has been a dream since I openend my Etsy shop, and I feel so excited to finaly be able to make my website live!

Little Printables Shop was the best decision I have ever made, and I'm having the time of my life doing what I love every single day AND getting paid for it!  I have to drag myself to go to bed at night to get some sleep because if it were up to me, I would be up, designing all night long!



I have a cozy little work corner in our home.  My happy place, where I spend hours brainstorming new ideas and creating pretty printables and invitations for you.  Yes, I do get a lot of "help" from my kids and paw friends while working :)

If I'm not in my little work corner, EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE and WHERE EVER my kids are happy to keep themselves busy at that moment also transforms into my workspace.  And this is how I work in the winter haha!

And from this angle, I can also keep a close eye on our youngest where necessary... :)


My editable, printable invitations and party decorations give busy moms and brides like you the opportunity to have a beautiful party/event while you're saving time and money.  All the templates in my shop are instantly downloadable.  You can even try a free demo of every single item before you purchase!  How cool is that?  Want to try one now? Then click HERE.

My DIY printables allow you to be a little creative as well.  My customers surprise me with the unique ways they sometimes use my designs.  It encourages moms and children to do some of the cutting and pasting together, and the kids love to help Mommy make their party a magical and unforgettable occasion!

Straw Flags assembly


My biggest inspiration are my children - they have the BEST ideas, and they are the reason all of this started after all.  Then, of course, my husband!  He is my biggest supporter and I always ask him what he think of a design before it ever reach my shop. 

Also, my customers, in other words, YOU!  Many of the designs in my shop were requests from clients and a lot of these designs became best sellers. 

The scenic beauty of our town also inspires me every day.  Imagine vineyards, majestic mountains and lots of big oak trees... Being surrounded by beauty help me to create pretty things.  I love sitting at my favorite coffee shop in town in the summertime and take my laptop along to do some designing.  Who wouldn't feel creative sitting there? :)


I believe you can't set goals without a purpose, and I hope that this blog will be as much of a blessing to you as I think it will be to me.  I want to share beautiful parties, events, ideas, recipes, etc. to encourage you and bring out your creative side - yes, you do have one, believe it or not!  That is my primary goal, for you to be inspired  :)

I also want to feature your beautiful parties here!  So if you have a party you want to share with the world, please email me at  Party planners are also welcome to submit their parties.  I would love to share them.  Please email me for more details.

I choose every color, detail, and pattern of my designs carefully and play around with it until I'm 100% happy with the outcome.  If you do decide to purchase something or took the time to read my story this far, I want to thank you for being part of my "Happily Ever After".... :)  Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a unique design for your little prince or princess or if you have any questions.

Please feel welcome to say "Hi" in the comments and introduce yourself!

Warm Regards


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