How to EDIT your Corjl files on a mobile device


♡ If you are personalizing an item on a mobile device or tablet, you are limited to only replacing the text and replacing images.

♡ You will need to use a desktop or laptop computer to access additional features. 



♡ To begin editing text on your design in the Corjl Mobile Editor, click on the EDIT TEXT button in the bottom left corner.

♡ This will open up a text editing box that will allow you to delete or edit the text.

♡ Clicking the NEXT button will automatically move to the next textbox available for editing.

Mobile instructions Corjl | Little Printables Shop

♡ You can also begin by double-tapping on the text you would like to edit and this will open the text editor box as well.

Moving Text 

♡ Text can be moved (if available for your design) by touching the text and dragging it to a new area.

Remove Unwanted Text

♡ To remove unwanted text on the design, simply double-tap on the unwanted text and delete it in the text editing box.


♡ To resize text, select by double-tapping on the text you wish to resize and use the grey corner anchors to drag it inward or outward.


♡ Tap on the text you want to tilt or rotate and touch the white circle above it.

♡ While holding down on the white circle, rotate your finger in the direction you want to rotate the text.  


Resize or Rotate

♡ You can resize or rotate a graphic or image using the same steps as resizing or rotating a text box outlined above.

Replace an Image or Graphic

♡ To replace an image or graphic on the design, double-tap on the image you wish to replace.

♡ The Update Image box will appear.

♡ Click where it says Click Here to Browse for Image to find an image on your device.

♡ Then click OK to replace the existing image with the image from your device.

Mobile Instructions Corjl | Little Printables Shop


Design Menu

♡ To access the Design Menu, touch the icon with three white lines in the upper left corner of the screen.

♡ Here you will find instructions from the Seller (if any) and any additional designs that may have been included in your purchase (if applicable).

♡ You can select a different design by swiping up to scroll through the options.

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Revert to Original 

♡ To undo a mistake or to start over again on a design, tap the Revert to Original icon on the bottom lower right of the screen.

♡ This will undo any changes and set the design back to the original layout.

♡ Once selected, you will be asked if you are sure.

♡ Click REVERT to undo changes and revert to the original layout.

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Orders Button

♡ If you have purchased more than one Corjl design, tap on the Orders icon to view all orders.

♡ You can open a previous or different Corjl order by tapping on the name in the list.  

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop


Saving Your Changes

♡ When you are done with your changes to the design, tap on the “Save” icon that is located on the lower menu.

♡ You may save as many times as you like, but be sure to do a final save before downloading.

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Downloading & Printing

♡ When ready to download, tap the “Download” icon from the bottom menu to begin the download process.

♡ You will see the number 10 next to the download icon. 

♡ This number indicates the number of times the item may be downloaded. 

♡ If you are in need of more downloads, please contact me for help at

♡ When you tap the Download button, the Download Design window will open and you will be able to select your download options from there.

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop

PDF file options

Choose Paper Size

♡ If downloading as a PDF, select the paper size.

♡ The size of the design will remain the same regardless of the paper size chosen.

Page #

♡ If your design has multiple pages, you can select which page you would like to download, or “All” for all pages.

Show Bleed/Trim Marks

♡ Your design may include a bleed (.125 extra edge around the design).

♡ Choose to include the bleed and/or trim marks that allow for easier trimming if desired.

Enable Multiples Per Page

♡ Select Print Multiples Per Page If Possible and the design will download with multiple copies onto the designated paper, if possible.

All Formats Other Than PDF

♡ Depending on the item, you may be able to choose other file download options, such as JPEG, PNG, Tiny PNG, and SVG.

♡ Select the print option that works best for you and then select from the following options (if given):

Show Bleed

♡ You can choose to add a bleed to your image.

♡ Please check with your printer 

to determine if necessary.

Page #

♡ If your design has multiple pages, you can select which page you would like to download; or you can download all the page files either individually or in a zipped file.

File Download Options

♡ After selecting the file type, tap the NEXT button to download the file.

♡ You can choose to either download the file directly to your mobile device or have the file sent to you by email.

♡ If emailing the file, type in your email address in the field labeled “Email Address” then tap SEND EMAIL.

♡ When using an iPhone, it is recommended to choose “Email me the download” as the download option.

Mobile Corjl Instuctions | Little Printables Shop


♡ If you are printing at home, be sure that the file prints at 100% or Actual Size in the print settings.

♡ If you are printing at a print shop, save the file to a USB flash drive, SD card, or email depending on the printer’s requirements.

♡ PDF files print best on White Card Stock paper.

♡ JPEG files can be printed on card stock or photo paper; be sure that the prints ordered are the same dimensions as the design.

♡ My shop has partnered with PRINTS OF LOVE to offer clients affordable, high quality, online printing services.

♡ Simply click on this link or copy and paste in your browser to select your print options:

♡ They will handle the rest! They also offer free US shipping and envelopes in most sizes. 

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